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Digital Retail software provides enhancements to a dealer website, combining already existing features into a “checkout-like” experience to guide the customer towards a purchase. Think of Digital Retail technology as an online storefront that allows the customer to complete as much of the buying process as they want from wherever they are. The tool can also be used in-store to empower your sales people in their conversations with customers and provide additional transparency and trust.

Implementation of Digital Retail technology requires commitment from the dealership management, but successfully implementing the tool can have a powerful impact on the customer experience at your store. When a dealership uses the tool to its full capabilities, it can help with employee recruitment and retention, streamlined operations, and higher gross margins.

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AutoFi is a complete digital retailing commerce platform that empowers everyone at the dealership to transact with car buyers anywhere and anytime. Our platform fits seamlessly into your branded experience. Finance innovation is at the center of AutoFi’s commerce platform, with customers receiving a firm offer of credit in less than 60 seconds. Our bi-directional relationships with 40+ banks and credit decisioning engines drive more funded deals than any other digital retailing platform. Deals are sent directly into your RouteOne or Dealertrack. Car buyers shop how they want and dealers receive enriched customer data leading to higher conversion rates. AutoFi supports an enhanced F&I experience proven to increase dealer profitability and customer loyalty.

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CarNow is expanding the customer conversation beyond chat with connected, real-time, and transactional-focused solutions built to elevate sales, improve service, and increase profitability. CarNow is the market leader in tailored digital retailing solutions built to help dealers better connect with customers and sell more cars.

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My Maserati Showroom is an omni-channel digital retailing tool that integrates with both brand and dealer websites to deliver highly qualified omni-channel shoppers to your dealership!

Our integrated and customized online car-buying process was built for dealers to connect with their customers in this new digital age.

By leveraging our unique digital retailing experience, we increase lead quality, rapidly assist buyers through decisioning, and purchasing. This saves time for dealer and customer, resulting in increased sales.

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Dealer Inspire

After years of innovating in the digital retailing space, Dealer Inspire knows firsthand that what consumers want and what makes sense for dealers doesn’t always align. That’s why they’ve developed not one, but two digital retailing products to give every dealer a solution that works for their sales process.

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The Future of Digital Retailing is Here. Our fully featured Virtual Retailing and Messaging platforms provide real-time communication with consumers at each step of the buying process online and in-store.

In minutes, car buyers can browse your inventory and filter by payment, get real-time lender offers, penny-perfect trade values, apply rebates, F&I packages, and submit a full credit application to your RouteOne or Dealertrack instance.

True digital retailing is here.

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At Roadster, our mission is to make the process of car buying and selling better for everyone involved. We do it by offering omnichannel commerce solutions for today’s modern dealership, which deliver the same seamless and streamlined shopping experience as customers switch between your site and your store. Roadster dramatically improves dealership customer satisfaction scores, while significantly reducing sales costs. From inventory merchandising, to financing/leasing, incentives, trade-ins, service plans and accessories-Roadster delivers near penny perfect deals in a beautifully designed interface that customers and employees will love.

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