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The Maserati VIP Support team is a dedicated resource for dealers to use for all questions related to the Maserati Digital Program or the Analytics reporting suite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Maserati Digital program?

  • Dealers will receive brand site leads from and Maserati Event Leads.
  • Dealer’s website and location will be listed within the “Find a Dealer” search results on and a deep link to their inventory.
  • To ensure dealers are receiving the best products and services in the marketplace, Maserati Digital vets and reviews all approved vendors.
  • Dealers are able to purchase products and services offered through the Maserati Digital program at discounted rates.
  • Dealers have access to the Maserati Analytics platform, which showcases all digital analytics across Maserati Digital programs, including your website, leads, and advertising.
  • Dealers receive exclusive Maserati Digital promotional pages and tool that support key retail events (ie. New Vehicle Launch landing pages, customer personalization, etc.).
  • Select Maserati Digital products and services are eligible for co-op reimbursement and will be automatically submitted.
  • Dealers have access to call or email Maserati Digital VIP Support for any Maserati Digital program-related questions.
  • Concierge services is provided by Maserati. This service reaches out to customers to assist dealers with setting an appointment at the dealership.

Where can I learn more about the program?

Visit the Maserati Digital website, You may also contact the Maserati VIP Support Team at (844) 309-4692 or by email at

Which providers are included in this program?

Certified website and advertising providers under the new Maserati Digital program include All Auto Network,, DealerOn, Dealer Inspire, and Pixel Motion.

Do I have to use one provider for all services?

No, you are not required to use the same provider across all services: website, digital advertising, SEO, and social. For example, you could utilize one provider for your website, and a different provider for your digital advertising services.

What are the program guidelines?

Click here to view more information on the Maserati Digital program guidelines and benefits.

Will I still have control of my website content and design?

The Maserati Digital Dealer program has been crafted to offer best-in-class providers and tools that offer the industry’s latest technology, design, flexibility, and products.

Why is the Data Share Agreement (DSA) required?

Participation in the certified program and consent of the Data Share Agreement will allow Maserati to start sending brand site leads from, Maserati Event leads, and dealer website leads directly into your dealership’s CRM. Without consent of the DSA, these leads will not be delivered to your CRM. If you have already signed the DSA for CRM integration in the past, you do not need to sign an additional DSA and no further action is needed.

Note: Only the Dealer Principal, or a similar role with legal signing authority, can sign the DSA agreement. You will find this document under the section titled “Digital Signature” then “Data Share Agreement” in your ModisCS+ menu.

How do I update web tiles on my certified website?

Click here for instructions on how to upload web tiles on your Maserati Digital program website.