Luxury and elegance, delivered.

My Maserati Showroom is the only digital retailing solution that integrates with the Stellantis brand websites and then passes the lead to the Dealer for finalization and close of sale – leaving the power in the Dealer’s hands!

It is fast and flexible, with a proven, non-intrusive integration process that quickly generates high volumes of incremental, high-converting leads.

It is modular, with technology which allows for brand and dealer customization.

With My Maserati Showroom you get:

  • The highest converting Digital Retail tool (close rate to sale) amongst Stellantis certified providers.
  • The highest source of leads from Stellantis Brand websites
  • And much more

Service & Protection Plans

Prospective shoppers can review available Vehicle Protection products and elect to learn more from dealer. Customized plans/pricing can be displayed by dealers (admin tool).

F & I Integration

With My Maserati Showroom, customers can complete a full credit application, including e-signatures, e-contracts (using RouteOne or Dealertrack), and online lender selection. To receive credit applications, dealers do not need to switch providers to use this feature.

Inventory Search

Leverage powerful inventory search by VIN from your dealership for customers do begin their step by step purchase journey. This is available no matter where a customer starts, on Brand or Dealer site, the experience is consistent. Inventory is fully integrated with Stellantis systems for data and CGI imagery – New, CPOV and Used are all supported.

Payment Calculator

All vehicle pricing displayed is 100% customizable – Customers can switch between payment type to view estimated monthly payments. These payments are powered by National and Regional incentives (Chrome Incentives), Dealer-Managed Discounts (admin tool) and Conditional Offers.

Trade-In Valuation

My Maserati Showroom includes accurate trade-in valuation powered by Car and Driver. Net valuation is automatically applied in real-time to the payment calculator to reflect the estimated monthly payment. Additionally, Dealers can choose to go with KBB Trade-In Advisor as an optional add-on.

Schedule a Test Drive

The customer can request a test drive and schedule it according to his or her preference. As soon as the appointment is confirmed, the Dealer notifies the customer.

Vehicle Delivery

Dealerships that wish to provide a further elevated customer experience, can offer vehicle delivery, and schedule directly with the customer.

Vehicle Comparison

Allow your customers to select and compare multiple vehicles, their options, and prices. Speed up the decisioning process and help them make the best decision on in purchasing a vehicle from your dealership.


Harness the power with live Chat (powered by DealerFocus) to add an element of white-glove service to guide the customer through their purchasing journey, supporting questions and lead submission.

Lead Delivery

My Maserati Showroom is the only Digital Retailing tool that automatically routes leads into the Dealer CRM and iShowroom PRO. Additionally, all leads contain comprehensive details regarding the customer’s online transaction, allowing dealers to retrieve, validate and action leads efficiently.


Reduce abandonment rate by giving your customers the option to select and save multiple vehicles that they are interested in for future viewing. Customers make use of this feature simply by clicking the heart next to each vehicle they like and thus creating a wish list.