Website Assistant Program

Website Assistant Program

A dedicated resource entrusted by the Maserati retailer focusing on providing technical assistance, website updates, custom content creation, and lead generating recommendations. The Website Assistant is your store’s go-to person for website optimization and user experience enhancements.


Initial Website Audit & Customization

An initial website audit and subsequent customizations allow you to personalize your store’s site and add branded content to an otherwise stock website.

Monthly Custom Content Creation

Custom banners and slides are created monthly to drive traffic to specific areas of the site as well as keep content up to date with current offers and brand initiatives.

Custom Webpage Creation

Website Assistants are able to create custom landing pages for you that add brand and vehicle related content to the site while also enhancing SEO rankings.

Monthly Website Performance Reports

Each month, your Website Assistant will send your store’s Website Reporting and follow up with a call to review the data and make suggestions for improvements.

Monthly Brand Compliance Check

To protect the integrity of the Maserati brand, each dealership website will be reviewed monthly by your Website Assistant to ensure it is meeting brand guidelines.

Dedicated Point of Contact

Each month your Website Assistant will proactively reach out to your dealership to gather information on focus vehicles for the month as well as provide technical support.