Dealer Inspire

Technologies for the Innovative Dealer

Flexible, fast, and built to convert, the Dealer Inspire (DI) website platform adapts to each individual shopper with personalization and geofencing technology. Now featuring Lightning Inventory with Voice Search, the DI platform is packed with technologies that make the car buying journey faster, easier, and more confident — including Conversations™ messaging platform with A.I., and two different digital retailing tools — Online Shopper: Electric™ and Online Shopper: Redline™ . Each DI website harnesses next-gen intent analytics through their patent-pending event-based attribution model, Roxanne™, that gives dealers real-time ROI and shopper behavior profiles.

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Built on Wordpress

Dealer Inspire is built on WordPress, one of the most powerful, agile, and easy-to-use Content Management Systems on the web. 27% of all new websites are using Wordpress for a reason — this open-source system is constantly evolving with new functionality, search engines favor its easily indexable pages, and your team can jump in and start using your new site right away without learning any complicated tools.

Responsive Design

Your customers are now mobile — shopping on phones and tablets more than desktops — so your website needs to be fully-optimized on all devices. Our responsive website design adapts beautifully to each of these different device types, providing a clean, complete experience to all visitors.

Lightning Inventory

Our new Lightning VRP and VDPs help visitors shop for cars faster than ever before, displaying new inventory with each character typed in milliseconds. Users can also customize their search with instant filters based on budget, features, color, and more. Lightning Inventory also offers voice search, allowing shoppers to skip filters all together and instantly find what they’re looking for, hands-free.

Dynamic OEM Lease and Finance Payments

Your Dealer Inspire website constantly updates to display the latest lease offers from your manufacturer, so you don’t have to. OEM lease specials and their monthly finance payments will automatically populate into feeds that can be conveniently filtered by customers for an enticing shopping experience.


Like any good salesman, Dealer Inspire remembers information about customers, recognizes what they want, and then creates a personalized experience to make sure each visitor finds what they’re looking for right away. Based on over 30 different personalization factors — including location, interest, and browser history — Dealer Inspire tailors its sales approach to the individual.


For dealers looking for more advanced ways to personalize their website experience, the Dealer Inspire platform also has the capability to serve different messages to customers based on their exact location — down to your competitor's showroom floor — all with customized messaging, offers, and conquest campaigns. Appeal to new customers with pinpoint, personalized accuracy and gain market share.

TruROI Dashboard with Roxanne℠ Analytics

The TruROI Dashboard is the heart of Dealer Inspire's reporting system. By connecting your DMS with marketing analytics, our platform is able to attribute sales to each marketing channel, providing a true ROI on all of your marketing efforts — from PPC, to SEO, to phone calls. This marketing data is powered by Roxanne℠, our patented event-based attribution model, which tracks and weighs each action taken by individual shoppers to build customer profiles and automated, personalized marketing.

Integrated Digital Retailing

With Online Shopper: Electric™, Dealer Inspire websites empower shoppers to explore payment options for multiple vehicles straight from the VRP, giving users an Amazon-style shopping experience — all while generating single-shopper, multi-vehicle leads for your team. Users can compare saved models, customize payment options, add aftermarket and F&I products, and start their purchase without going to another webstore.

Advanced SEO

DI websites come fully optimized for search engines, with advanced meta, schema microdata, and flawless internal link structure — all before your site even launches. Having the best looking and performing platform is just the beginning of your marketing strategy, so our team optimizes every page with painstaking detail to send your dealership towards the top of the search results.

Return Visitor Notifications

Customers who come back to your website for another look are primed to buy, so Dealer Inspire automatically notifies you of their return — providing you with their contact information, the specific models they’ve been looking at, their average price point, and many other details that put you in position to make a sale.

Page Builder with Inventory and Forms

Our Page Builder enables beginners to create the kind of fully customizable pages that would take extensive HTML coding experience on other platforms. Choose from a simple menu to build pages that pull in highly-specific inventory feeds and field forms to bring your customers a dynamic user experience that leads to conversions.

Smart Credit Application

Online credit applications can be one of the most effective lead generators for dealers (when they’re filled out), but the vast majority of customers are too wary to give over financial information online and don’t submit. We’ve created a Smart Credit Application that only asks for simple contact information before more personal details, capturing the lead upfront and allowing customers to continue down a more confident credit app UX.

Inventory Analytics

Dynamic algorithms based on factors such as VDP views and days on lot monitor every vehicle in your inventory to show you which cars are hot, and which need your attention. Price your stock based on advanced analytics and watch for the results to spike.