Team Velocity

We’re the Team that creates Velocity for your dealership.

Apollo Ads is the first digital advertising product that fully integrates with your website, providing payment-based ads that mirror the offers advertised on your website to ensure a seamless consumer experience. With a direct API to Google, Bing, Facebook and YouTube, Apollo Ads advertises 100% of your inventory and your service department across every digital medium, so you can be less reliant on 3rd party advertisers. Every ad includes to-the-penny lease and finance payments reflective of current dealer and OEM incentives, rebates and preferred dealer pricing, and are automatically updated daily to reflect any changes. Ads are optimized towards store visits to maximize market performance and ensure transactional ROI. Plus, Apollo Ads exceeds the standards of the Google and Facebook Guidebooks.

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Apollo Ads generates the industry’s best-performing search ads for new, used, certified, and service departments within your Perfect Market. Performance is driven by ad relevance to the consumer’s shopping intent. Every model on your lot is advertised with to-the-penny lease and finance payments reflective of current OEM incentives, rebates and preferred dealer pricing, and, updated nightly with the latest data. Every ad leverages the search engines’ A/B testing functionality with up to 5 variants of each ad and 3 variants of each price extension to further increase relevance and performance with different trims, payment terms and even the other models the consumer is likely to purchase with Upgrade Matrix ad extensions. Apollo even updates bids every 30 minutes to further optimize your budget. All of your success can be seen in our fully transparent ad preview tool, detailed reporting, and transactional attribution platform included with our sales retention product.


Apollo Video directly integrates with video tech leader, Advid, to automate the entire video creation, distribution, and management process. Apollo Video generates shopping interest from both your customers and conquest opportunities alike with compliant, payment-based video ads for every new model you sell. Videos can be branded for your dealership, or integrate with national OEM creative, and are automatically uploaded to YouTube on a continuous basis as pricing, incentives, and inventory change. Plus, ads are optimized towards store visits to maximize market performance and correspond with your other campaigns across the Apollo Customer Experience Platform to ensure consistency. Apollo’s digital reporting platform provides transparency into Apollo Video ad performance, and when paired with Apollo Sales, you can monitor further attribution.


Apollo Social delivers an industry-first with our payment-based ads on every model in stock. Apollo Social ads target in-market customers and conquest opportunities, delivering a relevant message to each consumer. Ads are generated for new, used and service departments consistent with the rest of your marketing. Sales campaigns use Upgrade Matrix with your inventory, pricing, rebates and incentives to deliver a uniquely targeted ad every time. Apollo Social ads are updated daily, meet all compliance regulations, and include transparent reporting for optimal attribution and performance.


Apollo re-engages online shoppers with dynamic display ads for the new models they are shopping for based on their history on your website. Pre-owned vehicles are advertised at the vin level with one-to-one marketing on the exact vehicle the consumer viewed. Ads are updated daily with current pricing, inventory, and incentives. Every ad is optimized through our bid management solution every 30 minutes to create the most efficient ad buy possible.

Offer Manager

Apollo Ads uses Apollo’s offer management platform to calculate to-the-penny payments on all new and pre-owned inventory, generating unique cash, lease and finance offers on every vehicle. All offers reflect current rebates, OEM and regional incentives, and your preferred pricing model. Offers are applied to every ad, ensuring full integration and consistency across every customer touchpoint. Offer Manager ensures complete accuracy by recalculating payments daily, or whenever pricing settings are changed.

API Direct

Apollo’s proprietary multi-channel marketing API allows you to advertise your entire inventory across all customer touchpoints. API Direct instantly pushes ads into every major advertising channel, like Google, Bing, Facebook, and YouTube, and runs 24/7 to ensure that your ads are always up to date with the latest offers, rebates, incentives and more. This means, you can advertise your entire inventory, not just your core models, across all customer touchpoints and be less reliant on 3rd party advertisers to advertise your inventory.

Integrated Marketing

Because Apollo Ads is integrated with the rest of the Apollo Customer Experience Platform, the offers in your digital ads will mirror the offers your website. Providing consistent offers and payments across all customer touchpoints builds credibility, eliminates pricing confusion, and generates a higher ROI.