Fullpath (formerly AutoLeadStar) is the automotive industry’s leading Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP). Fullpath leverages dealership's first-party data by unifying siloed data sources to create exceptional, hyper-personalized customer experiences. The CDXP includes AI-powered digital advertising, email marketing, CRM activation, website engagement, including GPT-powered chat, and VINs-acceleration. Fullpath chat services deliver high-quality, low-funnel leads by incorporating the power of the CDXP into Chat GPT-powered conversations. Chat GPT answers complex consumer questions with ease which guides consumers further down the sales funnel. By incorporating data from dealer websites, inventory, manufacturer incentives, and more, Fullpath chat services deliver a superior customer experience that modern consumers demand.

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Fullpath ChatGPT

FullpathChatGPT allows car dealers to harness the cutting edge technology of generative AI to provide round-the-clock service so your website shoppers get contextual, accurate, immediate replies in conversational to their questions at any time. Fullpath ChatGPT integrates with your dealership’s first-party data so the chat can respond as well as a member of your sales team, providing dealership specific responses to questions about inventory on lot, services your dealership provides, booking service and test drive appointments and more!

Fullpath ChatGPT+

Fullpath ChatGPT+ combines the power of Fullpath’s website engagement with ChatGPT to drive more inquiries and encourage conversions by creating a personalized shopping experience leveraging your first party data. This solution also allows you to consolidate your tech stack and reduce vendor costs with a multifunctional tool that includes chatbot services, trade-in estimations, test drive scheduling, dealership offer generators, and more.