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Integrated Marketing Solutions

Riverside Partners is a strategic digital automotive advertising agency. A national full-service agency whose mission is to deliver the highest level of service, creativity, and accountability in every aspect of today’s marketing spectrum.

We offer targeted omnichannel digital campaigns focused on ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spend). Our team of Certified Digital Experts strategically plans and monitors all campaign metrics daily for optimum performance. Riverside Partners is always on the cutting edge of all new digital platforms to deliver a strategic and comprehensive advertising plan. We customize each campaign to our client’s needs to maximize customer awareness and increase sales. We also offer creative for traditional television, radio, newspaper, point-of-sale, outdoor advertising, and direct mail.

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Search Engine Marketing

At Riverside Partners, we don't believe in cookie-cutter campaigns because we know that all markets are different. Our search campaigns are designed to fit each dealer's specific needs with messaging tailored to their unique customer base. Our goal is to provide each of our dealers with quality traffic from the top search engines while limiting exposure to display networks and monitoring search terms and keyword opportunities on a daily basis. We are constantly following proven best practices including, but not limited to, optimization of ad copy for mobile devices, comprehensive ad extension implementation, negative keyword matching, A/B ad copy testing, strategic budget allocation, and dayparting/time of day analysis.

Mobile Geo-Fencing

Run effective mobile campaigns by utilizing precise geo-fencing technology. Target in-market shoppers by serving banners on 10,000+ mobile sites and smartphone apps. The custom banners are served throughout the Google Display Network (GDN). We use hyper-local targeting to pinpoint specific competitors, zip codes, or high traffic areas.

One-to-one attribution model, Registered Showroom Visits (RSV), measures additional traffic you received from competitors. This walk in conversion metric allows you to track how many additional shoppers visited your showroom.

Targeted Opt-In Email

Connect with local in-market shoppers through permission-based email lists. Target and conquest your ideal customer by make, model, and lease expiration. Embed dealership footage, utilize custom landing pages, or use click-to-call features within the creative. Re-engage those who opened or clicked a link in your previous email blast by sending a second customized message.

We have over 100 million permission-based-emails-with a total postal database of 167 million. Our data is cleansed and updated every month with the NCOA (National Change of Address) Service, and we conduct an extensive verification process to keep our information current.

Ringless Voicemail

Find active cell phones and landlines in each client’s area that are 100% FCC Compliant. Record custom message to be uploaded to the platform.

Social Media/Reputation Management

Create and manage existing social business profiles that pertain to the dealership. Create custom content to post on all social platforms 3-5 times per week. Engage your local community through organic posts and reposted messages. Continuously monitor social media channels for mentions and engagements. Reviews, both positive and negative, are monitored daily. Positive reviews are answered immediately, while negative reviews are discussed with the client before action is taken.

Dynamic Inventory Video Marketing

Dynamically market your new or pre-owned inventory with engaging videos promoting real pricing and offers, not just “Starting At” prices. Increase VDP views and connect local in-market shoppers with your inventory today. By connecting to your inventory feed, vehicle videos are dynamically served based on the prospect’s online behavior and search history. Each video is unique and tailored to the prospect’s interest. Utilize historical inventory data to promote recent price drops or aged inventory. Overlay 3rd party sources to enhance targeting to the top in-market shoppers. The 3rd party providers include Experian, Oracle, Polk, and Datalogix. Inventory change and price adjustments are automatically updated. KPIs for the campaign include clicks, view-through rate, and completed views.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Dynamically connect your dealership’s inventory to each unique car shopper with relevant and timely inventory specific banners. The carousel ads will be displayed on Facebook, which will feature up to 20 vehicles to draw shoppers back to your site. Oracle’s powerful 3rd party data is used in addition to Facebook’s user data to capture the best possible audience. KPIs for the campaign include clicks, cost-per-click, and leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Set up and monitor Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools. Link Google Analytics, review competitor keywords, and perform search analyses. Customize content pages will include and target specific vehicles with research pages, competitor comparisons, geo-targeted dealership overviews, geo-targeted service center pages with specific services targeted, and pre-owned/certified pre-owned specific pages. Content pages can also be created to target the Spanish and Asian populations. We optimize pages, page titles, meta descriptions, on-page content, and product descriptions.

Digital Audio

Due to strong engagement and high completion rate, maximize your message by delivering audio across multiple, frequently used audio media platforms. We access 10,000+ digital audio players (live, podcast, simulcast, or on-demand) on mobile, desktop, and connected devices. Target consumers through subscription, behavior, geography, demographic, category, device, and much more. Receive custom-specific reporting KPIs including completed listens, listen-through-rate (LTR), exposure time, and banner impressions.

OTT/Targeted Connected TV

Reach a targeted audience with immersive, interactive, and personalized ad experience with video. Target high performing in-market auto intenders by layering in demographics, interests, and behavioral data. Hand pick publishers from private markets with precise DMA targeting. Ads serve on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Crackle, Chromecast, XBOX, PS5. KPIs for the campaign include View-Thru-Rate and Completed Views.

Targeted Pre-Roll/True View

Serve video ads to in-market audiences where consumers are spending most of their time. Combine the power of television with reach and targeting of the internet. Leverage your existing television assets to target highly engaged in-market auto shoppers. The spot is served on YouTube, in addition to any site that hosts video and mobile apps. Utilize behavioral targeting and custom audience segments to find customers based on gender, price, interest in specific vehicles, and income. KPIs for the campaign include View-Thru-Rate, Completed Views, and Clicks. Use previous sales data to target customers by DMA or zip code.

Targeted Email Display

Target prospects in the market that are receiving emails from your competitors, but not you. Serve prospective customers collapsed ads within their inbox. Once clicked, the expanded creative opens for a 100% share of voice.

Drive unique quality traffic back to your website daily.

Competitor Website Retargeting

Target prospects that are in-market for your dealership brand/conquest vehicles or those who have visited your competitors’ websites, but not yours. Serve custom banners on the Google Display Network and increase your website traffic by conquesting competing dealerships. Create specific goal conversions through Google Analytics to help track your newfound traffic. KPIs for the campaign include clicks, cost-per-click, and interaction rate.

BDC Call Center

Extract your dealership DMS and allow our qualified BDC representatives to reach out on behalf of your dealership. Popular campaign objectives include lease end, recall, buy back, and service opportunities. Prior to making the calls, we send them a personalized email and feed the DMS list into Facebook to serve them promoted campaigns. Each prospect receives 3 calls and is left a voicemail if contact is not made. Convert more opportunities by connecting with your existing customers today.

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Having a consistent message across all of your marketing channels is becoming increasingly important. Using 1st Party Dealership data combined with web activity data and 3rd Party Credit/Automotive data, we can build out specific audience segments to target across a variety of marketing channels including direct mail, email, social media, retargeting, display, video pre-roll, and streaming audio. Once built, we will deploy the same audiences to each marketing channel from our Omnichannel Marketing Dashboard to ensure that we are serving each audience member the same message across multiple channels.


We monitor all of your campaigns' performance in one place with up-to-date reporting. KPIs we use to judge the effectiveness of a campaign include Click-through-rate, View-through-Rate, Listen-through-rate, Cost-PerClick, Cost-per-Lead, Open Rate, Opens-to-click, and Impressions. Our team will be in contact with you as soon as the month is over to discuss all marketing strategies in detail.